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Updated:  December 23, 2014
An 'Apprenticeship Program' is now available on T W Ranch for women who are interested in advancing their skills in natural horsemanship. 

T W Ranch has been in the business of breeding, raising and training Tennessee Walking Horses for sale as trail horses since 1995.  During that time we have developed a program for developing and training these horses to be quality trail horses.

Using a combination of ground work and riding skills the horses are brought along to be quality mounts for men and women across Canada and into the northern United States.  Ranch work with cattle forms a part of the training program. 

We will have two or three positions available here for persons who will be involved directly in the training of our horses, from on-line to freestyle, with some liberty work; from working with foals through to horses already advanced in their training.  Using the horses to work with cattle is a part of the everyday training, as well as lots of trail riding miles.

Certification into higher levels of PNH is encouraged and supported.  I will personally assist you in designing your on-ranch experiences to include time and coaching to complete a minimum of Level II, and probably Level III, in the Parelli program (as the program stands right now - I hear there are changes in the wind!!)

From personal experience I know that accessibility to working with a number of horses is key to becoming good in your horsemanship skills.  Here, on T W Ranch, when you are being trained to be a Horse Trainer, you will work with different types of 'horsenalities' and train following the methodologies of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program. 

These positions would be ideal for persons already interested or advancing in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program  but also for anyone who is working with any natural horsemanship program.

This ranch trains a large number of ranch born and raised horses (almost exclusively Tennessee Walking Horses) every year. 

Every May the ranch hosts a Gaited Horse Clinic and you would be an active participant in this clinic, working with a number of gaited horses under the instruction of one of the top gaited horse clinicians from the U.S.

There will also be on-ranch seminars for Equine First Aid and Equine Bodywork.

These positions would ideally be from early March to mid-November, but other timeframes will be considered.  Contact me for more information.

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