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The ranch has a breeding herd of Tennessee Walking Horses (TWH), concentrating on the foundation blood lines of 'using' horses.  Many in the herd qualify for Heritage Horse status under the TWH Heritage Society, and are registered under TWHBEA (the American Registry).  The ranch also maintains a small herd of unregistered paints and warmbloods, and hybrid crosses with our TWH studs.

The horses are born, raised and trained in a natural ranch environment.  Foaling is done in large pastures in a herd and foals are raised to three years in like herds before extensive training begins under natural horsemanship using the Parelli model.  After extensive groundwork and achieving a Level I equivalent, the horses are used for all ranch activities.  Cattle drives, checking calving herds, sorting and cutting, fence checking, and helping start new horses are some of the tasks.  As the horses are raised in the rough terrain of the ranch, they are confident in carrying a rider in any circumstance.  Our Tennessee Walkers make great trail horses.

We have about fifty horses in our riding group at any time at various stages of training.  Horses of all categories (mares, geldings, various ages and experience) are available for sale at all times.  Horses experience a diverse group of riders and tasks during their time in training, which makes them well-suited to moving ahead in all uses.
Check out our Photo Gallery pages for 'horses', 'more horses', '& more horses' !!  We have put up pictures of our riding horses for your viewing.  Enjoy...

If you see a horse you like, the name is on the bottom left of the picture; give us a call.... (they are not all available for sale but several are.......
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Updated:  July 25, 2013